Four Year Olds : A Tough Crowd

And I enjoy hanging out with four year olds. They are cute. They like to play. They have no qualms about picking their noses. All worthy qualities in a human. As an audience however… 

Actually as with many things in life, the challenges of storytelling to this audience is also what makes it so rewarding. 

Challenge They have a short attention span. Upside The stories get to be shorter.

Challenge These are angels who want to participate, and they will by telling you about their brother, the bug they found last week, or how much they did or did not sleep the previous night. Upside These are an audience who will get up to do the buzzy bee bugaloo if you are boogying with them.

Challenge Four year olds give immediate feedback by either walking out, or climbing into your lap. Upside Either way, you know how the show is going. 

Regardless, even though only three angels showed up for my first official storytelling gig, and only one sat wiggled all the way through 30 minutes of me telling stories (another lasted ten minutes, another lasted twenty), the good folks at the local library have asked me back.


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