Telling stories to ghosts

The above photo is of me telling ghost stories on Star Island, an island off the coast of New Hampshire. This island has lots of old creaky buildings, recorded history that includes pirates and murders and goes back to Captain John Smith, and is therefore rife with ghost stories. Since a teen I’ve been asking anyone I know with any relation to the island, “tell me all your ghost stories.”

The picture above was taken a few years back of me telling stories at a bonfire. You’ll notice that there is a strange green smudge above the fire. Most likely that is the flash of the camera catching the smoke. But I’ve been watching an awful lot of Ghost Hunters recently and it looks like the oddball smudges that those guys call evidence of “something.”

Furthermore, I’ve head stories of ghosts hanging out at bonfires past. One Pelican (a nickname for young people who work on island) almost left after she saw people “who weren’t there” sitting across from her enjoying a bonfire with the rest of the staff. This Pel was new to the island and folks had to explain that ghosts were not uncommon on island, and were nothing to fret about–unless one is alone in Cottage E, or walking back to the hotel alone past Tuck monument, or trying to scare yourself at the Beebe cemetery, but more about those ghosts some other time.

The point of all this is. I’m quite sure that that green blob is just smoke. But, it is kind of cool to think that ghosts show up to listen to stories about themselves.


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