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I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

Season 3 of Heroes starts soon. I started watching this show in earnest during Season 2. In an attempt to catch up with all the story threads I may or may not have missed, I’ve watched the entire first season of Heroes in less than a week’s time. Having filled myself up with Season 1, I’ve kind of forgotten Season 2, and have started refreshing my memory with the final few episodes.

However, last night I realized that I’ve overloaded my system with other people’s stories. So much so, that when I lay my head down to “day dream” before falling asleep, the only stories that wandered through my head involved Dr. Suresh *swoon*
attractive? Yes. Helpful? No.

and chasing Peter Petrelli. The ability to bend time and space combined with invisibility, render the younger Patrelli awfully hard to keep track of. Which is unfortunate because he has to save the world.
Peter Petrelli with bangs or with out, still hard to find.

Now the actors who populate the Heroes universe are universally dreamy, and so having them wander through my almost dream state isn’t such a bad thing. But they don’t leave room for the characters that I would like to bring into being. Fearless Phyllis hasn’t made an appearance since she conquered Bad Beard’s bad beard. Wrong Way Kay is still lost in some meadow. And on top of that I still have to come up with historical stories for the Durham fair.

I’m considering going on a story fast. No stories other than my own for a while. Allow my characters repopulate my imagination time. Visit with the ghosts of Star Island. Find a historical character with whom I can travel to Durham in 18th century. Hang out with my flea friend, Phyllis for a while. Who knows what will happen.


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